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Living soil is the key to unlocking the full potential of cannabis plants. Comprising organic matter, minerals, water, air, and a vibrant community of microorganisms, it forms a harmonious ecosystem where cannabis thrives. Within this soil food web, a bustling cast of microorganisms, including bacteria, nematodes, fungi, insects, and earthworms, play pivotal roles. They diligently break down organic matter, transforming it into vital nutrients that cannabis plants eagerly absorb. This natural process not only nourishes the plants but also contributes to a sustainable approach to cultivation.

Bio365 soil boasts an all-natural composition carefully curated to nurture plant growth and vitality. Its ingredients include a blend of coconut coir and sphagnum peat moss, providing a rich and well-structured base. This foundation is further fortified with a fertilizer, derived from select sources, to supply essential nutrients for plant development. Softwood biochar enhances soil structure and nutrient retention, while perlite contributes to optimal aeration and root health. Completing this harmonious mix is gypsum, which aids in maintaining an ideal pH balance. Together, these thoughtfully chosen components synergize to create a nurturing environment that fosters the flourishing of plants, making Bio365 soil an exceptional choice for sustainable and robust cultivation practices.

The result? Living soil cultivation yields higher output and healthier growth when compared to conventional potting soils or synthetic nutrient regimes, making it a sustainable and effective choice for cultivating premium cannabis crops.