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Our team of legacy growers possesses an abundance of knowledge, boasting decades of collective experience that forms the bedrock of our cannabis cultivation expertise. Utilizing sustainable techniques honed on the west coast, we meticulously nurture our cannabis plants at our newly inaugurated state-of-the-art indoor grow facility in Mount Dora. Within this innovative space, our cultivators employ a diverse range of cultivation methods, leveraging climate-controlled indoor facilities and greenhouses to unlock the full potential of each unique strain.

At GOLDLEAF, we take immense pride in our conscious cultivation approach. Our primary brand partner, Ideal Cannabis, is dedicated to using organic living soil, deploying live microorganisms for pest control, and adhering to environmentally friendly practices that are manatee safe, thereby minimizing waste. Our current product lineup includes an array of offerings, from organically grown cannabis and live rosin badder to cartridges and pre-rolls, all crafted with the utmost care.

As we continue to forge partnerships with the industry’s finest, we are committed to expanding our product offerings to ensure a diverse array of strains, ensuring there’s something exceptional for every one of our valued patients. We are excited about the future as we expand our product line and services throughout Florida, providing patients with an unparalleled cannabis experience.